Tuesday, 12 March 2013

6 weeks to go!

As you can see I haven't blogged in a while!

In the last 13 weeks I have just been doing lots running, gradually increasing the miles and I'm now upto 20miles for my long run. I'm not going to go above 20, I know some people do, but personally I don't feel I need to.

All these long runs have been good for more than just marathon training, they've improved my stamina, so I've recently achieved pb's in 10k, 10m, 1/2 marathon and 20miles!

This weekend I'm going to do another 20 and then go back to 18.

Before starting marathon training, the marathon guru AKA dad, advised me that I would have to start using gels, after recommendation from Angela I began to use high 5 gels, I found I got on we'll with them so decided to stick with them.

A bit short and sweet, but better than nothing!

Lucy x x

Monday, 10 December 2012

1 down 19 to go!

1 week of training done, only 19 to go. Got 25 miles in on my first week of marathon training, not a bad start. I'm hoping to get up to 45-50 miles per week in the early spring time. The week went like this-

Week beginning 3rd December:

Monday- 5miles around Folkestone with 'Timgela' very easy pace.

Time: 48.41          Average Pace: 9.43          Distance: 5miles

Tuesday- Club Handicap, 4.5 miles.

Time: 32.55          Average Pace: 7.31          Distance: 4.5miles

Wednesday- Very easy run around Lyminge, snow still on the ground.

Time: 34.59          Average Pace: 8.45          Distance: 4miles

Thursday- Rest Day

Friday- Easy 4miles around Lyminge.

Time: 33.29          Average Pace: 8.23          Distance: 4miles

Saturday- Cross Country training at Evegate.

Distance: 7.5miles

Sunday- Rest Day

Total: 25miles

Good first week, found it hard to get out and run with the weather being so miserable, but I guess thats we have to put up with living in England.

Lucy x

Monday, 3 December 2012

Marathon Training!!

So it's officially 20 weeks until the London Marathon!!! OMG!!

Quite worried about what I've got myself into, but I know with hard work and lots of training it will be achievable. Tonight is the official start of my training and I'm going for a nice easy 5miles with 'Timgela' (Tim & Angela).

I'm running the London Marathon for Kidscape children's charity, so would really appreciate it if you took the time to visit www.justgiving.com/lucyweekes and make a little donation, Thanks!!

Lucy :-) x x

Monday, 2 July 2012

The past week

Sunday 24th brought a long run. A group of us left from the club and did a 10 miler, the pace was a little fast for me and I struggled towards the end! I also found it tough having done the track session the day before. But I managed to get all the way round in 1.27.33 averaging 8.45 mile pace

Monday's run was a nice easy 5miles through Folkestone and Sandgate, a lovely little route, that we're going to try and run every week, as a recovery from weekend races! 5.2 miles in 46 minutes.

Tuesday was the forth leg of the South Kent road relays. I can't believe there is only one left! This time is was being hosted by Dover Road Runners, held at Samphire Hoe. I found this quite a tough one as it was very windy and the hills were tougher than I remember! I finished the 2.25 mile course in 15.23 averaging 6.49 mile pace.

Wednesay- REST!!!!!

Thursday- A group of us decided to do 3 Kings backwards, and went down horn street to make it up to 8miles. Took it quite slow as some people had raced the night before. 8 miles in 1.12.13 averaging 9.01 mile pace. Unfortunately when we got back to the club, I was bitten by a horsefly and had a bad reaction to it, and am now on antibiotics :(

Friday- BUG BITE

Saturday- BUG BITE

Sunday- Lovely 10miler with Timgela and dad. Angela took us a lovely 10mile route that she knew, I found it a lot better this week!

Lucy x

Saturday, 23 June 2012

The week so far...

On Tuesday did 3 miles easy jogging as I had 3000m race the next day. Did some stretching and had a good rest ahead of Wednesday.

Wednesday brought the 3000m & 10000m Kent Championships. A few of the Folkestone ladies and I were running the 3k whilst Dad and Tim had entered the 10k. My race did not go to plan at all! I started off to slow and then struggled to pull it back :( finishing in 12.16 Dad and Tim however had cracking run both gaining new PB's and finishing in 35.53 and 38.36 respectively!

Thursday night was a run from the club, but due to the football on telly there was a poor turnout with the ratio being about 8:1 women to men. Dad and I decided to do a long recovery run, so we did 8miles averaging 8.20 pace.

Friday was a rest day...YAY!

This morning was track training at the Julie Rose:
1.5 mile warm up
5 sets of 300m 200m
Hurdle mobility
Barrier training

Long run planned for tomorrow!

Lucy x

Monday, 18 June 2012

Sunday Monday

Woke up to lovely sunshine on Sunday as Dad and I went to marshall the Folkestone Race for Life. Although it was sunny, there was a strong wind to go with it. It was great to see all the ladies in pink doing there bit for charity! I'm not gonna lie, I had an afternoon nap when I got in, all the fresh air had taken it out of me lol! When I finally woke up dad said he was off out for 9miles and as it was Fathers day I thought I would put in some quality father daughter time and go with him! It was a lovely evening and a great run! This was the furthest I'd ever run, so I was quite proud of myself as it wasn't an easy route, with a big hill and part off road!

This morning I posted a Facebook message to see if anyone was up for a run tonight and Angela said that her and Tim were planning a steady 5miles and that anyone was free to join them. It was a lovely evening and a nice 5.2miles. There were 8 of us running in the end!

Will probably take it easy tomorrow and then 3000m race on Wednesday!

Lucy x

Saturday, 16 June 2012

run run

Been a bit lazy with my blogging lately! Didn't run much over the half term week, had a cold, so took a couple of days off! I'll start from the relay! Tuesday 12th brought the 3rd round of the South Kent road relays and some pretty miserable weather! Although it had stopped raining in the evening it was still rather gloomy, but perfect conditions for running. This week I ran in the A team as Nikki hadn't been feeling well. Rona ran 1st leg, Lauren on 2nd and I ran 3rd. Luckily Rona and Lauren had opened up a big gap on the next ladies team, so all I had to do was maintain the lead. I ran the 2.64 course in 17.48 averaging 6.43 mile pace, which is a lot slower than I've been running lately, but with not running the previous week and having a cold its still not to bad!

On Wednesday there was an open meeting at Dartford that dad had mentioned, as he wanted to get in another track race before the kent Champs 10000m. We both entered the 3000m, but with only 3 of us in the race there wasn't a lot of competition. Dad won in 10.10 and I ran 12.01, I was really disappointed to be over 12 minutes but having race the night before it wasn't to bad.

Thursday was club night and a few of us decided to run the Three Kings. We took a steady pace and finished the 7.5 mile course in just over an hour! Didn't run yesterday but did an off road run today up Tolsford Hill that I feel "the dark side" would have been proud of, the pace was all over place ranging from 7.42 miles to 11.13 per mile! Took George and he got absolutely covered in mud!!!

Lucy xx